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Bunyamin Israil & Partners is a law office that has been established in 2012 until now. We have a wide range of legal services, from public law, private law to commercial law. Legal services will be carried out by legal experts in order to get maximum results. Experts based on theory and practice will be able to provide accurate legal advice. We will certainly prioritize integrity, capability and strategy at work.

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Initiate your legal journey with an initial consultation. Engage our skilled attorneys to discuss your unique circumstances. We will attentively gather the facts, evaluate legal implications, and comprehend your objectives.



Subsequent to understanding your case, we develop a bespoke legal strategy. Our proficient lawyers analyze options, forecast potential challenges, and create a well-crafted plan that aligns with your goals.


Take Action

With a defined strategy, we proceed with proactive implementation. Our adept team engages in negotiations, documentation, and courtroom proceedings as needed. We maintain transparent communication, guiding you through each step while upholding your best interests.

Our Practice Areas

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Commercial Law:

Navigate the complexities of business transactions confidently with our Commercial Law expertise. We provide legal guidance on contracts, partnerships, and corporate disputes, ensuring your commercial ventures are safeguarded.

Civil Law

In matters of personal disputes and civil rights, our Civil Law expertise offers adept solutions. Trust us to handle cases related to property disputes, personal injury claims, and more, ensuring your rights are upheld.

General Corporation Law

Ensure your business adheres to legal frameworks with our General Corporation Law proficiency. We offer counsel on corporate governance, compliance, and regulatory matters, empowering your enterprise's success.

Criminal Law

When facing legal charges, our Criminal Law specialization stands by your side. We provide robust defense strategies, representing your interests in court and striving for just outcomes in criminal proceedings.

Family Law

Navigating family dynamics requires sensitivity and expertise. Our Family Law practice area addresses divorce, child custody, and more, offering compassionate guidance to ensure your family's well-being.

Constitutional Law

For matters concerning fundamental rights and constitutional principles, our Constitutional Law expertise provides insights into legal intricacies. We safeguard your constitutional rights and ensure justice prevails.

Land Law

Understanding property rights and land matters is essential. Our Land Law specialization assists you in property transactions, disputes, and regulatory compliance, ensuring your interests are secure.

Our Clients

From favorable settlements to wins, our clients’ success stories are a testament to our unwavering commitment

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Jalan Biak Nomor 31 C Roxy Jakarta Pusat – DKI Jakarta

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